„Colours of the Seasons -

Draft for a Colour Phenology

of Central Europe ...“

The PDF-booklet was published in October 2004 for an exhibition in Westwerk (Hamburg/Germany). Based on two locations Herings establishes the methodical observation of seasonal colour changes and drafts a colour phenology of the temperate climatic zones. Astonishingly the most simple fundamental statements on the seasonal colour change had not previously been made: Hering ascertains a pendulum movement between the yellowish leaf-green of summertime to the brown of the woods without leaves in winter. In the main times of transformation - in Early spring and High autumn - landscape's colourfulnes passes through the yellow sector of the colour circle two times a year.
Hering's colour observations establish fundamental facts relating to the disciplines of geobotany, plant sociology, phenological meteorology, landscape architecture and landscape design.

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English version
German version


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